Does VaxBaby cover all of the pediatric vaccines?2019-01-24T21:57:11-05:00

Yes! VaxBaby goes through each and every vaccine recommended on the United States pediatric vaccine schedule, the most complete set of vaccines in any country. It even covers the RhoGAM and Vitamin K shots that are sometimes administered during and just after pregnancy.

Can I download the videos?2019-01-24T21:56:45-05:00

The videos are available for streaming to any internet connected device. They will automatically adjust in quality to the bandwidth your device has available. Because the videos are being updated to reflect the latest scientific research, they are not available for download.

Are there recurring monthly fees?2019-01-24T22:00:47-05:00

No. You pay a one-time charge for access for a year from your purchase date. When you checkout, you can select “Auto-Renew” if you want, which will automatically renew your access at the end of a year. An email should go out to you automatically a week or so before the end of your purchase cycle year to let you know your access is about to expire.

What are your qualifications?2019-01-24T22:04:45-05:00

I’ve spent years studying the history and science regarding vaccines—much more than a doctor or nurse would receive in medical school. While they certainly know more about anatomy, disease, and medicine than I do, I would guess I probably know more about vaccines, the immune system, and vaccine-preventable diseases than they do. They have to know a lot about nearly everything, which is why most people can’t do it (I certainly couldn’t). I’ve decided to focus on vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases.

As a result of my studies, I’ve made hundreds of videos, written several books, and traveled the country speaking to various groups about this one topic. It’s fair to say it is an obsession of mine.

What is your refund policy?2019-01-24T22:09:12-05:00

I don’t have a formal refund policy. I’m not a big company with an HR department and legal team to formulate super complex documents that confuse everyone. If you’ve watched a couple of videos and are unhappy with things, just let me know why you’re unhappy and let’s work something out. I’m not a mean person and have to be frugal with my money just like I’m sure you do. You can email me at info@vaxbaby.com.

Are you adding new videos?2019-01-24T22:11:45-05:00

I hope to, but don’t want to promise anything. I will update videos if new information becomes available that makes something I said inaccurate. There are a few topics I really want to cover because parents have a lot of questions. Many parents want to know about mitochondrial dysfunction and whether they should get their children’s MTHFR genetic type tested. Other topics will come up, but I feel like the 50 videos that are there now cover most of the common topics I’ve heard throughout the years.

Are you an anti-vaxxer?2019-01-24T22:21:49-05:00

No, although some people might call me that. My goal is to figure out how to have a healthy family with the least vaccines possible. Like any other medical procedure, it’s not a dream of mine to want more vaccines—I want less of them. Because of that, I approach whether my child needs each and every vaccine with the same four questions: What’s the chance of my child contracting an infection a particular vaccine is designed for? What’s the chance of permanent harm from the infection? What’s the likelihood the vaccine will work WHEN my child is likely to get that infection? And finally, what’s the chance of permanent harm from the vaccine? That’s it. As a result of answering those questions, I’ve come to the conclusion there are definitely some vaccines I would consider completely unnecessary for my family.

I bought a membership but can’t see the videos2019-01-29T07:16:44-05:00

For some reason that I haven’t figured out yet, some browsers don’t automatically log you in after you’ve purchased your membership. Safari on Mac desktop and laptops is the main place I’ve noticed this problem. It might look like you’re logged in, but if you go to a video page and it looks like you haven’t bought anything yet, you might need to manually log in to VAXBABY by clicking on the Log In link in the menu. Other browsers like Chrome seem to work fine—it’s just Safari on Mac desktops and laptops (not on iPhones) that seems to have a problem.

If that doesn’t work, you might have to quit your browser, relaunch it, then log in again. If none of that seems to help, send me an email at support@vaxbaby.com with the email you signed up with and I will do my best to figure out what went wrong.

Can I buy a VaxBaby membership for someone else?2019-01-29T08:32:08-05:00

If you’d like to do this, there are two possible options. One involves purchasing coupons: You can send me $30 via PayPal and I will email you a Coupon Code for a free VAXBABY membership you can give to whomever you like. You can send me $100 and I’ll send you (5) coupons for a free VAXBABY membership. These coupon codes will expire one year after the date you purchased it, so keep that in mind. Email me at forrest@vaxbaby.com and let me know you’d like to do this and we can work out the details.

The other technique is a group or umbrella membership option. You can purchase a group of 5 or 10 memberships and invite people to VAXBABY as you see fit. You will gain access to a new page within your account settings where you can invite new members or revoke someone’s membership at anytime (freeing up additional memberships for others). This may be a better option if you have a large group of people you want to have access to VAXBABY without them having to worry about any billing issues. Get in touch with me via email at forrest@vaxbaby.com if you’re interested in this option. It is available but I haven’t enabled it on the site as of this time.