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Forrest Maready
Forrest MareadyMedical researcher, author
Forrest Maready was born in Wilmington, N.C and grew up around a large film studio and the many movies and TV shows that filmed there. After receiving religion and music degrees from Wake Forest University, he plied his trade in the film and television industry for 13 years, working as an editor, audio engineer, and visual effects artist on two Muppet movies, Dawson’s Creek, Varsity Blues and many other productions. After seeing several friends and family members struggle with diagnoses and meaningful care for their medical issues, he began researching the history of disease and medicine. Through that study, vaccines became a topic of intense interest. He maintains a popular medical video series called “My Incredible Opinion” and has written several popular books on the topic of vaccination and the history of disease.

VaxBaby represents the culmination of years of research on health and vaccines and is a collection of at least 50 videos that go over the entire pediatric vaccine schedule, plus many other questions that new parents have frequently posed.