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The most complete video series on pediatric vaccines anywhere.

The decisions you make today about your child’s vaccines can affect the rest of your child’s life. It makes sense you’re taking an extra step to look into this medical procedure your child might receive over 70 times during the next few years of their life. While the internet is full of information regarding pediatric vaccines, it can be confusing and spread across multiple sites. VAXBABY has a video on each and every vaccine that will be suggested for your child, all in one simple, easy to find place.

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Smart, stress-free decisions

Researching pediatric vaccines doesn’t have to be stressful.With VAXBABY, you can learn at your own pace by watching—or listening—to any one of at least 50 different videos. Not only will you gain a thorough understanding about the pros and cons of each pediatric vaccine, but you’ll also learn the answers to many questions most new moms or dads want to know:

Which vaccines are necessary?
Which vaccines can we skip?
Should I give my child Tylenol before their shots?
Do my family members need to get vaccines?
And many more!

Over 5+ hours of videos!

No need to worry—every topic you’ve ever had a question about is probably covered. Should I space the shots out? Can my child still attend public school or daycare if I delay certain vaccines? Should my family members get vaccines before the arrival of the baby? Of course I go through each and every vaccine on the pediatric schedule (all 16 of them) plus the Vitamin K shot! You might never need another book, podcast, or video again.

Covers ages 0-21 Years Old!

Did you know pediatric vaccines cover shots your child might receive from the time they’re born all the way to they’re 21 years old. Don’t worry! VAXBABY has you covered with any and all vaccines your child is likely to be recommended—all the way until they leave for college and beyond!

VAXBABY includes four different ways to learn about pediatric vaccines!

The Quick Start video series is a great way to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of pediatric vaccines without getting bogged down with too much information and should take about 50 minutes. The Deep Dive video series will help you understand some of the specifics of how vaccines work, like why multiple doses are sometimes needed or how often side effects occur. It should about take just over an hour and a half. There’s a third way to learn—the Vaccine Schedule video series! With this, you can find the age of your child, locate their next well-child visit and see which shots are likely to be recommended to them at that visit. Videos for each vaccine are just a click away!

The Complete Series is an ordered journey through the entire video collection and will teach you everything you need to know about each and every pediatric vaccine, plus learning the answer to common questions like “Should I give Tylenol with vaccines?” or “Should I space shots out?”

The Ultimate Video Guide to Pediatric Vaccines

Your baby deserves the most well-informed, researched decisions you can give them. No matter how much time you have to spare, VAXBABY will give you the confidence you need to make confident choices about your children’s vaccines!

VaxBaby Premium

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  • 5+ Hours of Videos
  • Includes all FOUR courses!
  • Each and every pediatric vaccine
  • Answers many questions every new parent has
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